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Summer skin care attention to four points to help you lock the young skin

Although it is not as dry as winter in summer, it is easy to lose water as it is affected by hot weather. Coupled with ultraviolet attacks, sweat and sebum outbreak, a variety of skin problems emerge in an endless stream. So how does the summer skin care, in order to maintain the beauty of youth?
Although it is not as dry as winter in summer, it is easy to lose water as it is affected by hot weather. Coupled with ultraviolet attacks, sweat and sebum outbreak, a variety of skin problems emerge in an endless stream. So how does the summer skin care, in order to maintain the beauty of youth?
To be careful
Summer is a season of water! At this point, not only the face, the body’s skin should be protected. Before you play water, scrub all over your body to prevent spots. Will later use aloe vera gel calm skin cold, double care with cream or mask etc..
Keep moisture
By high temperature weather images, the body’s water will accelerate loss, so in time to add moisture. Usually used to drink plenty of water, more intake of fruits and vegetables. Also pay attention to moisturizing, it is recommended instead of lotion coated essence.
Moderately clean
Clear sebum, first of all to do a good job cleansing. In general, before sleep at night to clean up the accumulation of waste on the surface of the skin. However, excessive cleaning will damage the skin wall, resulting in imbalance between oil and water, causing skin problems. Recommend the use of gel Cleansing Cream has moisturizing effect, to rub, rub gently repeatedly pressed, cleansing effect will be better.
UV isolation
Exposed to ultraviolet light, it is easy to grow freckles, spots, etc., and even burns the skin. Sunscreen should also be applied on rainy or cloudy days. Apply 15 minutes before going out for better UV isolation.
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Acne in summer? 5 habits keep you away from acne

Acne, skin sebum, summer temperature is high, the skin sebum secretion is more exuberant, resulting in uneven skin oil, acne easily lead to. Do not squeeze acne with your hand, it will make acne worse. Drive away acne skin, first of all, from life habits.
Summer temperature is high, the skin sebum secretion is more exuberant, resulting in uneven skin oil, acne easily lead to. Do not squeeze acne with your hand, it will make acne worse. Drive away acne skin, first of all, from life habits.
1. meticulous cleansing
Acne skin sebum
As everyone knows, the first step in skin care is cleansing. Clear pores are needed to remove waste from the pores. If excess sebum or dust residue in the skin, it is easy to lead to acne.
Cleansing time is best limited to less than 3 minutes, so as not to stimulate the skin. Cleanser should not be painted directly on the face, first hand rub out the foam, gently press and rub with your fingers.
2. don’t use your hands
Acne skin sebum
Many people at the beginning of acne when they can not help but squeeze it with their hands. There are a lot of bacteria in your hands. Squeezing them with your hands will only worsen acne. After squeezing the acne, the break is easy to infection, and it is easy to leave pox and India, and even cause bacterial infection.
If you have to squeeze, it is recommended to use clean props. Wash face and hands with facial cleanser, and use antiseptic acne needle to break mature acne, and then apply skin care products with anti-inflammatory effect.
3. moderate exfoliation
Acne skin sebum
Water is not easy to absorb and often floating makeup, it is the best time to go to the cutin. Excessive exfoliation or use of stimulating products can easily disrupt the skin’s oil and water balance and make the skin more sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to use 1~2 times exfoliating products once a week.
Before exfoliating, with a hot towel at attaining, and then use their own skin exfoliating products, remove excess horny.

A list of all the beauty items you need for summer travel

Welcome to the eleven holiday, people began to prepare for vacation. Although the light on the road is the best, but want to dress up the girls is difficult. The girls who are packing their bags should pay attention to the beauty list. Here we introduce practical and lightweight necessary single product.
Beauty products summer tour
Protect hair health
Beauty products summer tour
Exposure to the sun for a long time can not only burn your skin, but also damage your hair. Close to the general wash products, it is difficult to maintain hair health, so before travel must be prepared for their own hair care products.
# Innisfree leshare hair hair damage repair essence oil (Innisfree my hair recipe oil serum) to provide rich nutrition for the damaged hair, make the hair healthy and moist.
Beauty products summer tour
The summer weather is hot, easy to sweat, often appear makeup fall off. How can you avoid this kind of trouble and keep your makeup for a long time? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as you have a fixed makeup spray on it.
# Mei Ke Fei moisturizing makeup spray (MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix) with no trace, makeup lasting.
Drive the sweat out
Beauty products summer tour
One of the most distressing things in summer is sweating, and what’s more painful is the smell. Not only uncomfortable, but also unpleasant to others. Although not completely stop sweating, but we can eliminate odor.
# THE FACE SHOP (THEFACESHOP) DEODRANT ROLL-ON is a refreshing deodorant, not only can eliminate odor, and whitening effect, can prevent pigmentation.
Caress the skin
Beauty products summer tour
After a whole day’s play, before going to bed, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Then, a moisturizing mask is added to protect the tired skin deeply.
Only pull mask rolls out, directly hold down along the open end affixed to the face, divided into two black and white. As the only white packaging bead Nutrition Mask (WELLAGE White Aqua Roll Mask volume Pack) with excellent water storage capacity of copper ammonia fiber film paper, moisturizing effect is more strong. Packaging is the only black bamboo bead mask (WELLAGE Black Aqua Roll Mask volume Pack) film paper material as a carbon, charcoal, can ease the pressure on the skin, keep the skin comfortable and relaxed state.

Sheet mask is good or coated mask is good, in fact, each has its advantages

Sheet Mask
The principle is to use the mask, face covered in short time, temporary isolation air and outside pollution, improve skin temperature, skin pores, promote the secretion of sweat and skin oxygen content The new supersedes the old., rose, is conducive to the skin to exclude product epidermal cell metabolism and accumulation of fat substances, cuticle the mask in the water penetrated into the epidermis, skin becomes soft, natural light and elastic skin.
Sheet Mask
Is a sheet mask good or a facial mask?
Two different emphasis on the mask.
Sheet mask:
Attached to the face, because the sealing effect of the cloth membrane, can keep the skin moisture adequate supply of long time, make corneous layer to absorb sufficient water, at the same time, the local temperature, promote blood circulation and nutrient absorption, so the finished mask, the skin moisture content increased rapidly, there will be a different performance soon. And easy to carry out, you can throw out when you use it.
Sheet Mask
Coated facial mask
Generally more thick, good bonding, because it is completely coated on the skin, any gap can be painted. Closed, there is no cloth mask strong, so the promotion of absorption may be weaker, and generally need to wash off. In addition, apply mask can be used together and care area, more convenient to DIY, such as in the T area with clean mud volcano in the U area, coated with moisturizing mask, in the sensitive cheeks and cheekbones with Soothing Mask, a mask will be able to complete the three kinds of maintenance requirements.

How 20+ from my wife back to the fairy sister

Go to the yellow face woman skin
Young made a yellow face? What do the skin sallow, dull and not the spirit is really the biggest stumbling block to look good, want to go back to the original campus goddess, the original can do that!
It is 20+ the fairy sister, why passers-by were the children called “aunt”, look at the makeup face, and just “Shuiguang muscle beauty” is not bad too far? Even worried about male god see makeup remover after or really Yan Yan’s own?
Go to the yellow face woman skin
So, before you study which make-up suits you, how do you get a natural look?!
Go to the yellow face woman skin
A stumbling block to the complexion — the skin is yellowish
“Wives” is used to describe the marriage for many years are not accustomed to the maintenance of the older women, I am not seal Jun agree with this label, because this will undoubtedly have a tendency vilify women, but the derogatory term is very good to describe those fairies don’t look good, because the or dark sallow skin yellow, it is opposite look good ah! And it does give people a sense of old without a good rest.
Go to the yellow face woman skin
Skin to yellow, more important than whitening
When it comes to making skin look good, it doesn’t mean simple whitening! Go to the yellow is more important than whitening skin care steps, this is because not only can make the skin to yellow itself can have pink texture, moist texture, if not do whitening to yellow as the foundation, the effect is not good.
Go to the yellow face woman skin
The basis for going to yellow is also moisturizing the skin
Skin water shortage, water content, long-term lack of words, it will make the skin look dark, no light, which is the cause of fine lines and dry lines generated. Therefore, the key to the yellow, but also the most effective moisturizing method is the use of moisturizing skin care products, it is recommended to use hyaluronic acid moisturizing factor products, moisturizing effect is excellent.
Go to the yellow face woman skin
Exfoliating in time
Excessive accumulation of old horny, so that the uneven arrangement of the stratum corneum, rough, but also make the skin become dark yellow. So do a good job cleaning, pay attention to oil control, at the same time, in order to avoid large pores, the use of appropriate acidic ingredients, skin care products.

Cleansing Oil how to use 5 steps to teach you safe skin care?

Cleansing oil can be said to be every make-up sister indispensable cleaning products. In order to avoid cosmetics, chemicals on the skin damage, we must clean the face make-up. But do you really know the use of cleansing oil?
According to statistics, in real life, almost half of women are caught in the cleaning makeup misunderstanding. Next, from the small series for you love the beauty of female friends, detailed analysis of the correct use of cleansing oil, so as to avoid residual substances plug pores, and thus produce acne, acne and other issues.
The first step, with the shade of their makeup, to determine the dosage of water and oil, is generally recommended as long as the coin size can be extruded out dirt cleaning face.
The second step, will wash make-up oil evenly coated on the face, in particular, need to pay attention to the eye and lips and other sensitive parts, with the fingers massage gently rub, in order to promote the dissolution of make-up. It is generally recommended to knead for a minute or so. The dissolved substances in makeup remover can merge dirt and other waste.
The third step, and then take a small amount of water in the palm of the hand, wipe on the face, massage for 30 minutes or so, can further promote the separation of oil and water.
The fourth step, followed by a large number of clean water rushed on his face to rinse. Then wash the whole face with a gentle cleanser.
The fifth step, and then a lot of water, pay particular attention to the nose, mouth, eyes, hair line seam of the equilateral easily overlooked position, so as not to cause acne, cellulite and other issues.

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